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Rebecca: "Alex has been really good and helped me grow in confidence. She is kind and always friendly and I feel at ease in her car. She is an amazing driving instructor and I highly recommend her as I would not feel so confident without her and would not have passed first time. Thank you so much Alex."
Jo: "I enjoyed my lessons and Alex was very helpful throughout my driving experience. Very encouraging and kind."
Daniel: "I passed on my 2nd attempt, would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Great teaching!"
Olivia: "Alex has been patient and really enjoyable to learn with. She has taught me all I needed to know to pass first time. I feel confident and safe when in the car."
Amy: "Learning with Alex was not only enjoyable but something I looked forward to as she was an easy to get along with person who improved my confidence immensely. She made sure we spent time on areas I did not feel so confident in which really helped me prepare for my test. I think Alex is a great driving instructor and I don't think I could have passed first time without her!"
Emma: "I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Alex. Alex has great methods of teaching driving when you are learning. Alex is a lovely person and I could get along with her very nicely from the beginning. She is a great teacher and a lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone."
Sam: "I really enjoyed doing my driving lessons with Alex as she was very patient and understanding and helped my to achieve my goal of passing my test in under a year. I decided that after passing my test to do the pass plus with Alex as well and this has made me feel much more confident on the road."
Kirsty:"Alex is a wonderful instructor. She is so patient and calming. She gave me confidence and helped me pass first time! Thank you Alex!"
Kim: "Alex is a great instructor and a really nice person, she always had complete confidence in me even when I didn't. I could never have passed without her. Thanks Alex!"
Georgina: "Alex was a very kind and patient instructor who made me feel extremely comfortable. I have her to thank for passing first time!"
Ash: "I really enjoyed learning with Alex, she supported me the whole way!"

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